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    Trainer options
    F1 - activate Trainer
    F2 - infinite health
    F3 - infinite stamina
    F4 - No Toxicity No poisoning
    F5 - infinite adrenaline
    F6 - infinite oxygen
    F7 - infinite stamina horse
    F8 - horse no scared
    F9 - infinite money player
    F10 - infinite money money NPC
    F11 - infinite durability
    F12 - infinite items
    Numpad 1 - infinite food and consumable items
    Numpad 2 - easy crafting
    Numpad 3 - save current position
    Numpad 4 - teleport
    Numpad 5 - teleport to the user point
    Numpad 6 - cancel teleportation
    Numpad 7 - add one hour
    Numpad 8 - remove one hour
    Numpad 9 - add experience
    Numpad 0 - add 10 points skill
    Set Sel. Item Quantity
    Set Money
    Set Weight


    Exp, Skill points cheat to work first open inventory then press hotkey, Notice that the trainer will make a ding sound but it should work fine, Close the inventory and open it again to see the effect
    For money cheat to work you must buy something after activating the money cheat, If you want to use edit money cheat then you also must buy something before you are able to edit your money amount
    Keep crafting cheat off if not in use
    Make sure you backup your game save just incase

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